THERMOFOIL REFACING SYSTEMS | Kitchen Cabinet Laminate for Face Frames & End Panels

A key part of CamTech’s solution is our SURFUSION kitchen cabinet laminate options. SURFUSION products are a vertical grade kitchen cabinet laminate solution for thermofoil refacing projects. We take the same rigid thermofoil (RTF) that is used to make our once piece and five piece cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as well as all other kitchen mouldings and accessories – and convert it into two different vertical grade laminate options. With our C-20 and C-50 laminate options – face frames and end panels are a breeze to reface. We use the same high quality thermofoil colors that we use with all of our other products.

C-20 – Laminate Option

The C-20 is the simplest of laminate options. We take thermofoil and laminate a self-stick adhesive system to the back. Applying this material is as simple as making sure the face frames or end panels are clean of dirt and grease, applying the laminate and trimming the edges. When you are ready to laminate kitchen cabinets quickly and easily, consider CamTech’s C-20 SURFUSION laminate option.

C-50 – Laminate Option

The C-50 is very similar to traditional high pressure laminate and does require some skill. We take thermofoil and laminate it to a phenolic backer sheet, making it look and feel like HPL. The same tools necessary to trim HPL are also needed for this product.

You will love the look of your kitchen cabinets when you choose either our C-20 or C-50 vertical grade laminate options. We use the same thermofoil colors as we do in all of our one and five piece thermofoil door products.