From “Cabinet Shop” … to Cutting Edge Manufacturer of World Class Drawer
Fronts & Cabinet Doors, Refacing Products, and Thermofoil Accessories

The roots of Campana Technology can be traced back over 45 years to when current owner Jim Campana was just a junior in high school. In 1965, Jim’s father, William Paul Campana, purchased the assets of a cabinet shop that had closed and set up shop in the family’s basement in Belle Vernon, PA to produce gun cabinets.

By 1971, 4,080 ft2 of manufacturing space was added adjacent to the basement. Now known as Creative Cabinets, along with a line of kitchen cabinets, we began offering cabinet refacing services long before there was even a term to define it. As the demand for our products increased, so did the need for more manufacturing space. By 1976, multiple additions were made bringing the total under roof at the original Belle Vernon location to 25,000 ft2. This growth set the stage for what would become CamTech’s transformation into a world class supplier of thermofoil cabinet and refacing products, such as kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, refacing solutions, and accessories.

Continuing our pattern of tremendous growth, we finally began expanding off of family property with the addition of 5,000 ft2 of office space in Star Junction, PA. Five years later 25,000 ft2 of manufacturing space was added in Star Junction, giving us a total of 50,000 ft2 of manufacturing and 5,000 ft2 for offices.

In 1980, the name was changed to Campana Technology, Inc. (CamTech) to reflect our commitment to being more than just a manufacturing company, but developers of cutting edge cabinet door and drawer front designs and manufacturing techniques. Demonstrating this commitment was the development of the first engineered, laminated MDF cabinet door that, though it was closer to being a ten piece, had the appearance of a five piece raised panel door. Post formed stile and rail material was outsourced and raised panels were manufactured in house using matching Formica and later Corex laminates.

Throughout the years we’ve been quick to embrace new technology in addition to developing our own. CNC routing technology was added in 1976 and the first profile wrapper was purchased in 1983, giving us the ability to produce our own stile and rail material.

Our largest technological leap came in 1984. Using an existing press frame, we developed our first membrane press for laminating raised panels with polyester laminates, bringing five piece membrane pressed kitchen cabinet doors to the market long before one piece rigid thermofoil RTF kitchen cabinet doors made their first appearance. Having begun offering these doors in 1984, you can imagine our surprise when twenty five years later a headline in the August 2009 issue of Surface & Panel magazine read “The Composite Five Piece Door is Coming”.

In 1985, the decision was made to discontinue manufacturing cabinets in order to focus completely on kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts and refacing materials. Six years later a strategic decision was made to bring the entire operation under one roof. In 1991, we moved to our current 65,000 ft2 facility in Baxley, GA on property that would allow for plenty of future growth. 1985 then marked the change in focus from making complete thermofoil cabinets, to the design and manufacture of industry leading thermofoil kitchen cabinet drawer fronts, raised panel cabinet doors, refacing solutions and accessories.

Since that time we have worked continuously to bring new creative options to our customers, while at the same time improving our quality, productivity and competitiveness. There is never a time when we are not in the middle of developing a new product, designing a new machine or updating controls, all with the goal of expanding our offering and improving your experience in doing business with CamTech. Though technology and design options will always change, our commitment to our customers will not.