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The refined creativity and engineered reliability of all CamTech Products, begins with technology. The right blend of outsourced equipment and in-house developed systems is what enables us to offer a product line for building MDF cabinet doors that is truly one of a kind in both design flexibility and quality control. The profile wrapped stile and rail material, along with the membrane pressed raised panels used in making our five piece piece rigid thermofoil MDF cabinet doors, are all manufactured in house using high quality thermofoil rather than very thin papers like many of our competitors. Profile wrapped moulding, vertical grade laminate, and all of our one piece thermofoil cabinet doors are made in house as well. And with CamTech’s SURFUSION solution, we use the same thermofoil to make all our kitchen cabinet door components, assuring that you will never hear those dreaded words after completing an installation, “That doesn’t match!”

Testimonials About Our MDF Cabinet Doors

The Following Equipment Will Give You An Idea Of Our Capabilities And Capacity:

* Three Gang Rip Saws
* Two Moulders
* Three CNC Routers (One developed and built by CamTech)
* Six Profile Wrappers (Two developed and built by CamTech)
* One Membrane Press With Five Recirculating Tables (Developed and built by CamTech)
* Multiple Custom Machines (Developed and built by Camtech)

This equipment is housed in our 65,000 ft2 facility including 5,000 ft2 of office space and the remainder is used for manufacturing and inventory.

Five and one piece thermofoil cabinet doors are two of the most important advances in MDF kitchen cabinet technology. Thermofoil products have surpassed the use of thin paper finishing on MDF kitchen cabinets in both durability and reliability. CamTech’s facilities are specifically outfitted to ensure our continued market leadership in thermofoil innovation.