Though our “home grown” proprietary technology is what separates us from other door manufacturers, our product line begins with premium, double refined MDF sheets. For our solid MDF and rigid thermofoil doors, as well as the center panels for our 5 piece doors, a full sheet is placed on our flat table routers. Cabinet doors and components are optimized for the highest yield and the parts are cut out.

For all of our moulding, as well as stile and rail material, the MDF is first run through our gang rip saws and cut into the proper width strips. Two moulders are used to machine the strips into stile and rail material for our Elite and Vintage door styles or various moulding types that are made in house.

The next step is to laminate the component with one of our available thermofoil colors. Our stile and rail material, as well as moulding material, is all run through one of six profile wrappers, two of which were developed and built in house. The one piece thermofoil doors (Prestige series), along with the center panels for our five piece doors, are laminated in our state of the art membrane press, also designed and built in house.

After trimming and cleaning, our one piece doors are ready for packaging and shipment. Components for or five piece doors are taken to the assembly area that includes a mitre saw for cutting the stile and rail material to size.


Beautiful doors, drawer fronts and accessories are the most visible part of a kitchen cabinet. However, if the face frames and end panels do not match the other exterior components, the homeowner is not likely to be happy.    With CamTech’s Surfusion Solution, we take the same thermofoil used to make the doors, drawer fronts, moulding and accessories, and also make an identical vertical grade laminate. Whether refacing or building a new kitchen, our customers are able to complete the job with confidence.