Current economic conditions have made thermofoil refacing of kitchen cabinets more attractive than ever before. The difficulties involved in buying and selling a home have lead many home owners to look more closely at remodeling their existing home rather than buy new. Tight budgets have made the cost of completely replacing a kitchen difficult to absorb. If a new look is all the homeowner is looking for, kitchen cabinet refacing is the most cost effective avenue to take.

Whether you are currently offering kitchen remodeling solutions, using thermofoil refacing supplies as an option for your customers, or just looking to add thermofoil refacing to your remodeling business going forward, we have the complete solution necessary to help transform your customers’ old kitchens into something they will be proud of. With our SURFUSION solution, kitchen cabinet refacing, has never been easier. We take the most realistic, high quality thermofoils available and make our complete product line including C-20 and C-50 vertical grade laminates in our kitchen cabinet refacing supplies, profile wrapped mouldings, stile and rail material, cabinet panels as well as one piece thermofoil doors.

Prior to SURFUSION, refacers were left with the daunting task of trying to match thermofoil, high pressure laminate, melamine and edge banding; all different materials made by different manufacturers. To the discriminating homeowner, close is never close enough; at least not after the job has been done.