This image is of 5 Piece Thermofoil Doors

5 Piece Thermofoil Doors

Thank you for visiting our new blog, where we will discuss the past, present and what’s on the horizon in rtf cabinet components.  As one of North America’s first thermofoil door manufacturers, Campana Technology offers a wide variety of one piece and 5 piece rtf doors, along with a full offering of  accessories and thermofoil laminate options for those involved in the cabinet refacing market.

Today, our top selling Vintage series 5 piece thermofoil door has become the flagship of our product line.  Combining them with our C-20 and C-50 thermofoil laminate options is what sets Campana Technology apart from all other rtf door manufacturers.  We take the most beautiful, realistic wood grain and solid color thermofoils and profile wrap them to our stile and rail material.   The back side of the raised panel is flat laminated, and the raised front is membrane pressed, all with the exact same thermofoil.  Mitred joints, realistic prints, and the grain running in the “right” direction make these doors truly difficult to distinguish from solid wood.

But we take it a step further.  The same thermofoil is then processed into two different laminate options; C-20 with a self-stick adhesive, and C-50 with a rigid, phenolic backer.  The process of taking thermofoil and making everything you need is something we call SURFUSION. Others just call it a kitchen refacer’s dream.

We hope you will visit our site and our blog often as frequent updates will be made.  Thanks again for visiting.

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